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3D Exterior Visualization, Berlin Project Developer


Visualization of a Construction Project for Group2E GmbH, Berlin


MTC Architektur®, a leading architectural firm specializing in 3D visualization, has recently completed an impressive series of photorealistic exterior visualizations for Group2E GmbH. This project highlights MTC Architektur’s® ability to provide innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions to complex architectural challenges.

About the Project:
The residential project by Group2E GmbH is an ambitious endeavor that centers on modern living. It combines elegant design with functionality to create a living atmosphere that is both contemporary and comfortable.

The Challenge:
The biggest challenge in creating the exterior visualizations was to accurately capture and replicate the real appearance of the project. MTC Architektur® tackled this challenge with a combination of advanced 3D modeling and meticulous attention to detail.

The Process:
The process began with a detailed analysis of the construction plans and the project’s environment. This was followed by the creation of 3D models that not only represented the buildings themselves but also considered the surrounding landscape and lighting effects. These models were then further refined to realistically depict textures, materials, and lighting conditions.

The Final Result:
The end result is a series of stunning images that showcase the residential project in all its glory. These visualizations allow Group2E GmbH to get a clear picture of the finished project long before the first stone is laid.

With this project, MTC Architektur® has once again demonstrated its expertise and commitment to excellence. The photorealistic exterior visualizations are not just a tool for presentation and planning, but also a piece of art that reflects the vision and talent of the MTC Architektur® team.